Retail Partners

When you partner your business with the best alterations, tailoring and repair service in town, you know you’re getting exceptional service and value, on time, every time.

Our services have contributed to the prestige of companies such as Crown Towers and high end retail outlets. Our fashion clients know that we care for their clients as much as they do and, as a result, their reputation is enhanced.

Whether your business is casual clothing or designer labels, if your customers love the style, quality and tailored fit of your garments they’ll keep returning again and again.

The secret to achieving a perfect alteration is in the pinning. Our tailors follow the pins to sew the customer’s perfect fit. If the pinning isn’t correct, then the alteration won’t be perfect. Fast, professional pinning is a skill that must be learnt and our experts are available to teach this one on one or to all staff.

Finest Alterations also provides a personalised on-site pinning service for your VIP clients, wedding parties, corporate clients, and more.

In addition to adding value to your business, the benefits of choosing Finest Alterations as your preferred alteration service are:

  • Rapid service, including express turn-around times
  • Reduced paperwork, less confusion on the sales floor and increased profits
  • Deal directly with one person at Finest Alterations
  • Simple uniform pricing structure, tailored to your requirements
  • Clear and concise invoicing that enables easy tracking and efficient cost recovery
  • Finest Alterations is confident that our service is the best in the business and we unconditionally guarantee our work. If you or your clients aren’t happy, then we’re not happy and we will rectify the problem. Please ask for a copy of our warranty terms and conditions.

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